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Growing Your Amazon Storefront Followers

Are you working to grow your Amazon storefront following? If not, you should be. We’re going to explain what this is, how to grow your following, and the advantages it will give your brand on Amazon.

What are storefront followers?

Think of storefront followers as your biggest brand fans on Amazon. Consumers who follow your storefront will be the first to see your content and also receive notifications from Amazon about your brand. Amazon customers will see your brand on their home page and be the first to know about deals and discounts. Consumers will follow your storefront by hitting the Follow button in the navigation bar and you can track this in your storefront insights

How to grow storefront followers

You’ll grow your Amazon storefront followers by pulling these two levers. One, use the Amazon posts feature. This is essentially your Amazon social media feed, similar to Instagram. You’ll post social content and link to your brands' products. Consumers will see these posts in various places on Amazon while shopping for your brand. It drives engagement and free impressions. Two, increase your storefront traffic. The easiest way to do this is by running Sponsored Brand ads. More traffic to the store will increase the chances of gaining followers. The broader your advertising targeting, the more traffic you’ll likely get.

What is the point?

Brands now have the ability to engage directly with consumers who follow their brand on Amazon. You can use the customer engagement tool to email your brand fans about deals, updates, and more. This is another way to leverage Amazon as a critical consumer touch point.



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