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Ridgeline Insights Ranked Among "50 Best Places to Work" by Outside Magazine


Editor’s Note: Ridgeline Insights was formerly known as Lone Cone Pro. The company rebranded in the first half of 2020 to better align with its expanded mission and increased capabilities as an Amazon Performance Agency. The new name also establishes distance between the professional agency and its successful direct-to-consumer brand of kids’ outdoor gear, LONE CONE. The following post has been edited to reflect this change. The Outside Magazine article and related press coverage, however, identifies the business as LONE CONE.


Ridgeline Insights, the Boise-based outdoor retailer and Amazon marketplace accelerator, has been named one of the "Best Places to Work in 2019" by Outside Magazine. This award recognizes 50 of the country's most outstanding employers across a number of industries.

It's more than just unlimited PTO and flexible work schedules that earned Ridgeline Insights the 17th slot on this year's list. It's more than a downtown office just steps away from both the Greenbelt and the foothills, routine “play days” for boating or skiing, and the annual “Amazing Race” run through Boise. What truly sets Ridgeline Insights apart is a team of people that are as invested in one another as they are in the business itself.

"After a volunteer trail maintenance project last month, I was sitting at a brewery with all our employees, watching everybody laugh and chat, just overwhelmed by how fortunate I am to have a team where there's no odd man out," states Ken Johnson, CEO and Co-Founder. "Every single person at Ridgeline Insights is a genuinely stellar human being. It's an honor to be recognized by Outside Magazine, but the real honor is getting to call this my job and my team."

Outside Magazine's annual list of the 50 best places to work is based on employee responses to questions on topics such as leadership, culture, pay, and satisfaction. The 80-question survey is completely anonymous and responsible for 75% of a company's ranking. The remainder of a company's score is based on a policy and benefits questionnaire completed by the employer.

To learn more about Ridgeline Insights, view our About Page. For more information about the LONE CONE brand, visit



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