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Getting started on Amazon can be incredibly challenging but filled with opportunity. Amazon is referred to as the “Google of products” and it’s crucial for brands to have visibility on the Amazon marketplace allowing for discoverability, validity, and a way to add additional bottom line sales revenue. In the ever changing landscape of e-commerce, Amazon is no exception.

Operating on Amazon is both a science and an art.
Our agency has successfully launched and scaled hundreds of brands and now we want to give back to those starting out.


Ridgeline Insights is offering 6 months of consulting services, valued up to $30,000, to help a brand define and implement an Amazon strategy.


We are seeking U.S. based companies that provide unique or innovative products and need assistance with discoverability and visibility on the Amazon marketplace.



While we are open to working with all types of clients, the ideal candidate venture has a product that promotes a social cause or give-back, or is founded and run by an underrepresented individual or group.

Our commitment to this collaboration includes the following

  • Collaborate with one organization to devise and execute an Amazon strategy 

  • Dedicate six months of Amazon channel management services to facilitate growth and scale the businesses faster

The Marketplace Growth program is designed for companies that have the following

  • An existing product in the market, but have low revenue (or are pre-profit)

  • Has reliable funding (bank, crowdfunding, VCs, or angel investors, etc)

  • Adequate inventory levels during the time of engagement (February ‘23 through August ‘23). 

  • The participant will be expected to pay for all direct Amazon advertising costs incurred (typical minimums are $1500 monthly depending on category, goals, and competition up to $3000)


  • Craft a brand and SKU level plan

  • Assist with

    • Supply chain

    • Inventory planning

    • Content

    • Advertising campaign creation

    • Performance monitoring



It is also expected that the winning client will be able to continue performing on Amazon post engagement with the client’s own resources. 

How are participants selected?

Participants will complete an application and those who are selected to move on to the next round will complete a virtual interview with members of our team.

  • Compelling product with marketplace potential

  • Founder(s)/leader(s) have relevant experience and expertise

  • The ideal product or organization is mission driven with a greater purpose to improve the world or lives of those around them

  • OR the winning client comes from a minority or underrepresented background 

  • Organization is capable of maintaining inventory levels and resuming management after Ridgeline Insights’ service agreement concludes

  • Participating company is prepared to invest in advertising for the entirety of the service agreement, with a minimum of $1500 expected monthly

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