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What does Ridgeline Insights specialize in?

Ridgeline’s specialty is our Brand First approach. Our partners have omnichannel strategies, so we work to make Amazon a cohesive part of that strategy, not have Amazon work against it. We focus on brand representation, then leverage the proper Amazon tools at our disposal to grow your brand profitably long term.

What sets Ridgeline Insights apart from other Amazon agencies?

It sounds cliche, but it’s our people. Our nimble team offers easy access to a cross functional team with experts from every department. We’re not hard to reach, and unlike many agencies, we can move quickly. Our team is 100% US based and our employees come from backgrounds working with brands across various industries. Because we experience little turnover, the dedicated people at Ridgeline have gained a wealth of Amazon expertise through years of hands-on learning.

What services do you offer?

Ridgeline’s special sauce is our ability to create customized strategies for each of our partners. We don’t force your brand to fit into one of our service categories, but we primarily serve our brands in one of three ways: 1. Comprehensive Brand Management: We operate as an extension of your brand and manage your Amazon account start to finish, taking it off your hands completely. 2. 2PxP Margin Acceleration: Ridgeline allows your brand to have a direct to consumer strategy without having to manage your own account. You’ll leverage the Ridgeline seller account to operate as your brands primary seller, but our growth incentives are aligned, unlike many 3P Amazon strategies. 3. Amazon Mechanics: Ridgeline Insights manages the challenging back end of Amazon, properly setting up your catalog. Other perks and things we manage: creation of all content, proper categorization and listing variation themes, Brand Registry, troubleshooting & Seller Support, and uploading new products.

Do you offer free consultations?

Yes! Reach out to Ridgeline for a free introduction call and free customized strategy proposal. No commitment or charges prior to signing on with our team.

What does the length of a contract look like?

Typically a 1 year initial engagement with a month-to-month agreement beyond the first 12 months, but we’re flexible.

How much does your service cost?

Costs vary based on services we’re providing and the size of your brand. Costs usually consist of an initial setup cost once you’re signed on with Ridgeline, a monthly minimum, and some sort of commission when it makes sense for both parties

What if I sell 1P or have other Amazon partner relationships?


Not a problem. No matter how you sell on Amazon we can manage the channel for you.

How do I get started?

How does Ridgeline Insights measure success for its clients?

It is all customized. We align with our partners to meet specific goals. That might be growth, brand representation, or profitability. We work to improve the visibility of your products on Amazon, build high converting pages, and drive incremental sales without deteriorating your margin.

Contact us on our website and we’ll follow up to schedule an introduction call. After that, we put together an in-depth, customized strategy for your brand. If you choose to work with Ridgeline we’ll go through an initial ~60 day onboarding.


Our learnings through years of experience.

Trademarks and Brand Registry?

We always recommend having a trademark for your brand and getting your brand registered on Amazon. This gives you access to additional marketing tools and protects your brand. You get the trademark and Ridgeline can set up Brand Registry for you.

How do you track profitability?

Amazon can be a complex platform when it comes to monitoring your profitability with the fees involved. Still, in many cases, Amazon can become a more profitable endeavor than many other platforms. You’ll need to factor in fulfillment fees, shipping costs, advertising costs and others, but don’t worry, our financial analysts will report on this for you. You can calculate your own margin for Amazon at the link below.

How does Amazon fulfillment work?

You can sell on Amazon by using FBA (fulfilled by Amazon) or FBM (fulfilled by merchant). We recommend offering your priority, high velocity products via FBA to allow easy Prime Shipping to customers. Leverage FBM for large products, slower moving SKUs that you still want represented, or as a back-up option for when you’re out of stock.

How do I prevent Amazon from cannibalizing my website?

We understand the concern, but we work to make Amazon work hand in hand with your omnichannel strategy. Most consumers are starting their product research journey on Amazon, so having a well merchandised page will act as a silent salesperson, properly represent your brand, and leave a positive impression. Plus, Amazon offers a plethora of repeat purchase data that helps justify listing your products for sale on the platform.

I haven’t had success with Amazon in the past. Is there any guarantee we will increase our revenue by working with you?

Like any business venture, there is no guaranteed path to success. Our team works to find your brands right-to-win on Amazon. We’ll do a category audit based on your brand, products, and pricing to set a realistic benchmark for what is possible. Most brands have doubts, but we believe our case studies speak volumes on what is possible.

How do I optimize my content on Amazon?

A key approach to optimizing your content on Amazon is to take your digital assets and effectively tell both your product's story and your brand’s story. Ensure you are effectively communicating, through images and words, what consumers need to know about your product(s), while also creating space for your brand’s origin, mission/vision, and other aspects that make your brand stand out.

Do I have to advertise and what would it cost?

Advertising is not required when selling on Amazon, but is highly recommended as it is the gateway to accelerating sales velocity, while increasing your brand’s organic presence on the world’s largest marketplace. The cost to run ads on Amazon varies based on seasonality, demand trends, and your brand’s personal sales goals. Ridgeline Insights tailors and optimizes each of its advertising strategies to best fit the needs of the client.

What if Amazon is flagging my listings?
(How to deal with the catalog)

If your listings on Amazon are being flagged, it's important to address the issue promptly. First, it’s best to review and familiarize yourself with Amazon's guidelines and policies to ensure your listings comply with their requirements. Then, identify and resolve listing issues, which may involve correcting inaccurate information, swapping out problematic imagery, updating product details, or addressing customer complaints. You can also reach out to Amazon Seller Support to seek clarification on the flagged issues and work towards a resolution. Remember, maintaining catalog and content compliance is crucial for a successful selling experience on Amazon. If you need assistance in managing flagged listings or ensuring compliance, Ridgeline Insights can provide expert guidance and support to help you navigate these challenges effectively.

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