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Q4 Planning & Readiness: Content That Drives Conversion

As a rule of thumb, your content is only as good as last season. In order to be a category leader on Amazon, it is critical that you continually refresh to stay in line with the competition to remain relevant to your customer, especially during peak demand.

First, assess your current carousel images. Because consumers make a quick decision, prioritize the order of your images by key features and differentiators to make the biggest impact. As a best practice, show don’t tell. Keep your images clean and self-explanatory and reduce the amount of text to limit distractions.

During Q4 and holidays, a seasonal update can make a larger impact and improve conversion. For example, if you are selling something giftable, show the customer in images or graphics. In addition, lining up your product for the season can make it more accessible and relevant. For example, if you include images of people wearing your product, make sure the background matches the season. This could be a pair of shoes in an overcast environment versus tropical sunshine. Making seasonal updates to imagery is incredibly impactful and often overlooked. Getting your customer in the ideal mindset makes the purchasing decision easier.

Seasonal summer product highlights for Grundens storefront

Next, review customer concerns, comments, and feedback. These are questions by customers on relevant listings, product reviews, and even seller reviews. Review your listing as well as competitors to address review feedback and make image updates.

As you are considering changes, before you implement them, let science be your guide. Amazon offers easy A/B testing with quick results. Put your best ideas out there with titles and images and see what resonates with consumers. Whatever path you choose for content changes, it’s crucial to monitor your conversion and continually try to improve where possible.

Amazon storefronts are the best way to cross merchandise and influence customer behavior. We have seen storefront conversion at an average of 7-15% across various products. Our biggest recommendation is to make sure you highlight the right products. Customers do not want to click all over the place to find your best sellers or seasonal items. Make it easy and make the layout relevant to maximize the most sales from your storefront.



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