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Customer Conversion Barriers on Amazon

There are a few primary barriers that prevent customer conversion on your Amazon listing. Consumers are looking for quick answers to their primary questions when scanning your products detail page, and when these aren’t answered or easy to find, you may be missing out on conversions. Here are the primary conversion barriers we have come across…


How does it fit? When it comes to footwear and apparel this is key. It may seem obvious, but you need to include more detail than you think. The standard size variation options aren’t going to answer the more specific questions. Make sure to clarify how it fits. Is your footwear product good on wider feet? Where does the length lay on a sweatshirt or shirt? Try including a sizing guide image in one of your primary carousel images and make sure to call out “fit” in one of your bullet points.


This can also apply to apparel and can be easily addressed by showing fit on multiple body types with measurements in a carousel image. But more often, you run into this issue with products outside of footwear and apparel. Trying to accurately scale your main carousel image will save you from high return rates and negative customer experiences. For example, a piece of furniture that is smaller will require a main white box image that is more significantly scaled back so the customer doesn’t expect a full-size piece of furniture. Just addressing the size in your bullet points isn’t usually enough because customers can tend to miss the details.


In kid's products, safety is a primary concern for parents. Make sure to clarify if it comes with small pieces and mention your safety testing to verify. Before you can even get to this point, you'll likely be required to supply safety testing information to Amazon to even get your product listed.


Consumers want to know ahead of time best practices for cleaning and washing your product. This can apply to anything from apparel and linens to kitchen utensils.

Tools and Accessories

What is included? For anything that requires assembly it will be crucial to address any tools required and whether or not they are included. For other products, be careful what accessories you show in your images to avoid returns from customers who expected more to be included.

Remember that consumers are quickly scanning your detail pages. Answer these questions as early and clearly as possible in infographics and bullet points. To get a better understanding of conversion barriers for your products pay close attention to customer questions you receive on your listing and address them by making changes to your content.



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