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New Requirement for Amazon's Sponsored Brand Ads

It’s no secret Amazon is always looking for opportunities to boost consumer engagement. Whether it’s through video integration or premium A+, Amazon wants to keep its customers active on the world’s largest marketplace. That’s why they’re rolling out a new requirement for advertisers to not only keep users on the platforms, but boost conversions as well.

Beginning June 1, 2024, Amazon is requiring all advertisers to include custom imagery in new and edited Sponsored Brands product collection ads. What this means is Amazon is requiring advertisers to use custom imagery when creating a new Sponsored Brand campaign or editing an existing. So gone are the days of running a Headline ad if it doesn’t include at least 1 custom image. It begs the question, why does Amazon want advertisers to update Sponsored Brand ads with custom imagery?

According to Amazon’s internal ad data from 2022, “Ads with images generally perform better. On average, Sponsored Brands ads with branded creative, such as custom image, generate a 50% increase in CTR and 60% increase in branded search than ads with only product images.” With statistics as significant as these, it’s no wonder Amazon wants advertisers to move towards more creative outlets. Luckily, Amazon has made it easy to add imagery to headline ads. The steps go as follows:

Step 1

From the Ads Console, go to Sponsored Ads > Campaign Manager

Step 2

Go to the Campaigns tab

Step 3

Select the campaign you want to edit

Step 4

In the Ad Groups column, click the ad group you want to update

Step 5

In the Ads column, click Manage Creative under your ad

Step 6

In the Creative card, click Edit creative

Step 7

Click Custom image > Add image

Now that you know about Amazon’s new update to Sponsored Ads, you can easily make the transition to new headline ads with creative. This initiative should not only boost your ads' click-through rates, but conversions as well.

Need assistance with updating your Sponsored Brand campaigns? Reach out to Ridgeline Insights today and we’ll be happy to review everything Amazon for you.



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