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Our Top Amazon Gifts This Holiday Season

It’s that time of year - the gift-giving season is in full swing, and we’ve got suggestions for holiday cheer that are both unique and useful long after yuletide.

Good things do come in small packages. Short Table is the perfect place for board games and card games during the holiday season. Plus when spring comes, it easily packs as a portable table for your beach or outdoor picnic.

Say hello to the perfect stocking stuffer for the kiddos! A well-crafted classic, this timeless gift encourages imagination and screen-free play. Designed by a mom of three in the charming mountain community of Boise, Idaho, Foothill Toy Co. creates engaging playthings that parents trust and kids adore.

Get ready for the new office favorite. We all spend plenty of time on our screens, so an easy way to clean off those smudges is essential. Waterbear cleverly clings to your device and instantly cleans any screen -- cell, laptop, camera lens, or glass -- without scratching. A great gift for year-round use.

A versatile lock you can trust. For all our employees biking to the office, OTTOLOCK provides an easy way to secure your bike en route or on a quick stop. Lightweight and portable, it safeguards more than just your ride: skis, travel luggage, and toolboxes are just a few key items this lock protects.

Spice up dinner! Hearty and healthy, Kevin’s is a go-to when all those holiday treats come around. Trade in gingerbread for Teriyaki, Thai Coconut, Korean BBQ, or any other of the savory and delicious palette pleasers for year-round joy around the dinner table.



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