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Preparing for Your Spring and Summer Peak Season

If your brand and products experience peak seasonality in spring or summer, you should prepare now. Hit the ground running by the time peak sales season kicks in with these essential moves.

Audit your content

  • Update images – out with the old, in with the new. Feature relevant visuals that encourage consumers to participate in seasonality and buy now.

  • Create graphics to answer consumer questions. Point out what makes this spring coat elite or this tent ideal for wet and slushy weather.

  • Re-merchandise your storefront with popular search items given the season.

Turn up the advertising early

  • Get your key campaigns in place to beat the high bid prices.

  • Implement display ads to acquire new consumer interest or retarget your brand fans.

  • Drive storefront traffic to showcase new items via Sponsored Brand ads.

Engage with consumers

  • Use Amazon posts to get free impressions and gain followers.

  • Engage with customers using the new “customer engagement feature”

  • Set up automated buyer messages to encourage reviews.

Have a plan

  • Get your inventory here on time.

  • Create a pricing strategy that allows you to adapt to demand without crushing margins.

  • Sacrifice early for long-term success. You might need to lower prices, run promotions, and spend more on ads in the early phases. But by the time peak season hits, you’ll have the velocity to optimize, get efficient, and maximize margin.



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