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Q4 Planning & Readiness: Growing Your Audience Through Advertising

As you sell more in Q4, it is a great time to get aggressive with your advertising. Consumers are searching, so make sure they find you. This fresh interest carries on through the rest of the year, and a growing audience can boost your future sales. We focus on three ways to capitalize when consumer attention is all on you.

1: Leverage Display Ads, CPM, and Retargeting to Grow Your Base.

If consumers are already looking at your product, position yourself in a way that hooks them. The goal is not their single purchase but their investment of interest long-term in your brand. Go after impressions. Grow brand awareness both on and off Amazon. Retarget consumers who viewed your brand during lower purchase intent times of the year.

2: Highlight Key New Products of Higher-Priced Products.

Q4 ushers in the gift-giving season when people are more willing to spend money. Higher purchase intent means an easier time to upsell and advertise higher-end and more expensive products. Feature headline ads with products you want your brand fans to find.

3: Improve Your Keyword Ranking on Broader Terms.

As total sales increase, it may open your budget to support chasing after high-volume keywords. Invest in search terms now that will sustain ranking through the rest of the year when you have the opportunity to do so now.



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