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Telling Your Brand Story on Amazon Matters

What gives your brand personality, uniqueness, and a competitive edge in the marketplace? You may think an Amazon shopper only considers prices and reviews, but the data shows otherwise. More than 70% of Amazon shoppers have indicated that their impression of a brand has impacted their purchase decision. Most brands wouldn't be surprised at all by this metric when it comes to their direct-to-consumer website or social media, and it turns out that the same applies to Amazon.

Telling your brand story makes your product more approachable, and it’s important to promote it on Amazon the same way that you do in your off-Amazon marketing. Hook customers with a story that resonates, feature it consistently on all your platforms and present a uniform and memorable brand image to help you stand out.

Take a brand like Gorongosa Coffee. Among the thousands of coffee companies seeking traction on Amazon, Gorongosa Coffee put a spotlight on its commitment to positive social impact. They leveraged their brand story to differentiate from the competition and saw in reviews that it mattered to consumers.

This part is essential: Tell your brand story on your Amazon Storefront. Creating a storefront that is not only easy to shop, but also provides important brand information, is something you don't want to miss! You can create a specific page to tell your story, or even better, put it front and center on your home page where you get most of the traffic. Avoid lengthy explanations bogging down your message, and instead focus on simple and clear graphics that show the character of your brand. This personalization through story and style can help you stand out from low price and factory direct competitors that lack a brand message. Take the time and care to represent your story the same way you would on any other marketplace or your own direct-to-consumer website.

If you're looking to immediately improve your brand story on Amazon start leveraging tools like your storefront, Amazon posts, the Brand Story feature, and even the Customer Engagement tool.



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