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How to Save a Buck in Q4: Advertising Best Practices

Everyone knows Q4 is important for sales, but when search volume and bids are high it presents a challenge to keep up with the competition. To achieve a favorable margin and meet ROAS goals, here are our top three best practices for Q4.

Practice 1: Consistency Over Sprint.

Maintain a steady budget by averaging bids on keywords that consistently convert. Although it is imperative to stay in front of the competition, averaging your bids allows you to stay in budget longer throughout the course of the day. If you have extra money to spend, consider increasing bids with Practice 2.

Practice 2: History Repeats.

Review historical search volume trends from previous years. While consumer shopping habits can shift each year, generally historical demand data provides insight into which week(s) you should amplify advertising. Research when consumers start considering holiday gift-buying and outdoor winter activities. If planned accordingly, you can preserve precious ad dollars by averaging your bids (Practice 1) during steady weeks, then utilize the saved amount during peak opportunities. But your ads will only convert with the right timing, so know the yearly trends.

Practice 3: Optimize Creative.

Be sure not only to advertise top-selling products -- make creative optimization a priority in the process. This is even more applicable if you use campaigns with creative elements such as Headline, Video, or Display ads. Ensure the advertised products are consistent with the brand’s Q4 DTC voice and embrace the time of year. Snow, evergreens, fun around the bonfire: take advantage of holiday imagery if available.



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