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Amazon Shipment Reconciliation

Reconcile Shipments

Roughly 20% of shipments sent to Amazon FBA have some discrepancy between what was shipped into the Amazon FBA center and what Amazon receives into sellable inventory. When this happens, you can reconcile the shipment to receive money from Amazon for the lost units.

How to Reconcile Shipments

1. In Amazon Seller Central, the shipment status is found under Inventory > Shipments

2. Filter by status “closed” (a shipment is available for reconciliation after it has moved into the closed status).

3. Click on the tab “track shipment” and then on the far right the “contents” tab.

4. The below message indicates no issues upon receiving it at the Amazon FBA Center.

5. If there is a discrepancy between what was shipped and what was received at the Amazon FBA center, then you will be allowed to reconcile the shipment.

a. Under “status” select “Research missing units”

b. Fill out a seller support case with a script similar to this:

Hello Seller Support, For this shipment, FBA15Q6QQ08T for ASIN B088MHMGJ5 we shipped 85 units however only 84 units were received into our inventory. Also, for ASIN B088MH3G8M we shipped in 110 units however only 109 units were received into our inventory. We used Amazon Partnered Carriers for this shipment and all the cartons are showing as having arrived successfully at the FBA center. I have attached a copy of the proof of purchase for these items. May we please get reimbursed for the missing units that we shipped to the FBA center; however, they were not received in our available FBA inventory. Thank you in advance for your time.


6. Documentation Needed for a case.

a. Proof of Purchase | Via an invoice(s)

- Acceptable documents are an invoice from a supplier or a signed packing slip if you are a manufacturer.

- The document must have: Date of purchase, Product Name that matches the missing products, & QTY. You may block out costs or other information if you do not wish to share with Amazon or others.

b. Proof of Delivery (POD) | Even if shipped via Amazon Partnered Carriers

- Can get POD with a screenshot directly from the carrier’s website using the BOL on the “tracking events tab”.

7. The email address listed when the case is submitted will receive a response from Amazon after they have researched along with a reimbursement ID.

8. Lost items will be reimbursed at the estimated sale price of the item for which you are being reimbursed minus referral fees and fulfillment fees.



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