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How You Can Benefit From Our New Referral Program


We have continued to grow over the years, and much of that can be attributed to the strong testimonials and referrals of our current partners and other industry connections. To say thank you, we want to begin rewarding you for those referrals.

This program is designed to reward all Ridgeline Insights partners for referring brands they think could benefit from our Amazon agency services. What’s great is that anyone can partake! Whether they’re an existing agency partner, a sales representative with one of our clients, a Ridgeline employee, or a business associate from a complimentary organization, you are eligible!

When you visit the Referral Page on our website, you’ll be greeted with a section to learn more about the referral process. The steps go as follows:

Refer a Brand

Sign up using the form and refer a brand you think could benefit from working with Ridgeline Insights.

Receive Confirmation

After submitting the sign-up form below, you'll receive an email confirming your participation in the Ridgeline Insights Referral Program.

Get Paid!

When the referred brand officially signs a contract with Ridgeline Insights and is billed for the first month, you will be contacted to be given payment.

There you have it! This program allows partners to be paid for their recommendations. Plus it’s as easy as completing our 1-minute sign up form. All you have to do is submit your name, email, and business name (if applicable), your recommended brand’s contact name, email, business name, and any additional details you’d like to share.

Go ahead and recommend a brand now that you know the benefits of our program and how easy it is to sign up.



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