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Primary Factors For Amazons A10 Algorithm

Everyone wants to know how to gain organic rank for their products at the top of search on the most important keywords. The word "algorithm" gets thrown around quite often when it comes to this. But the hard truth is that Amazon’s A10 algorithm really is what determines the products you find in search results. There is a long list of what is said to go into that algorithm. Here are the three that we have seen play the largest role.

Sales Velocity

Products with the highest sales velocity for a relevant term usually rank at the top of the page in the search results. Keep in mind that sales velocity changes hour by hour, product by product. One day you might rank as the #1 product on a search term while the next a competitor runs a steep discount that increases their sales velocity, and they jump you for a day or two. Generally speaking, higher UNIT sales velocity over time leads to higher organic keyword ranking. Here is an example:

Your exact keyword ranking may ebb and flow depending on the competition, seasonality, and advertising spend. To keep ranking on the first page, make sure you are discoverable and converting on your relevant keywords.

Conversion Rate

Your product can’t appear at the top of search results without strong conversion. Amazon weighs conversion rates so heavily that even high bids on PPC keyword advertising won't cut it. Regardless of what you're willing to pay, if Amazon sees poor conversion it will be hard to gain that placement via paid or organic. If you’re seeing low conversion rates, examine your listing content and amplify your differentiators versus the competition to improve your results and gain visibility.


Ever type in a common term like “Protein Powder” and see products at the top of search with a 2- or 3-star review rating? Nope. Most products are going to have hundreds, even thousands, of reviews. And Amazon isn’t going to serve up products with high return rates and negative customer reviews.

All three of these factors go hand in hand, and there are others that impact the algorithm as well. But nailing down these three factors positions you for success in the marketplace. We recommend starting in reverse order: Focus on creating a great product and driving positive reviews and a great customer experience, then build a listing that converts and differentiates on keywords relevant to your product, and THEN push hard to increase your sales velocity by doubling down on advertising and managing your pricing. If you jump right in to chase sales velocity without reviews for social proof and a product that converts well, you’ll quickly burn through your advertising budget without reaping the long-term benefits.



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