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Tips for Creating Amazon Content That Converts

Less but large

Keep the text simple on carousel images and infographics. Use bullet points or feature callouts for your products to emphasize key points -- paragraphs rarely will be read on mobile view. Use simple contrasting colors that don’t strain the eyes.

Lifestyle photos are key

Feature lifestyle photography as often as possible to show a person interacting with a product. It creates a sense of realness and comfort for the consumer. If you're up against low-price, factory-direct competition on Amazon, the best way to differentiate is with authentic content that has lifestyle photos of real people interacting with your product. Just photoshopping your product into stock images is not the way to go.

Layman's terms

Don't use words most people won't understand. While sometimes it’s inevitable, especially with specific technology, try to phrase points simply so most consumers can understand what your product is about.

Know (how to grow) your audience

Products naturally draw in certain consumers (e.g. tents bring in people who like to participate in outdoor activities), and you will want to market to that specific audience. Additionally, create appeal to people outside your audience. They may branch out of their comfort zone or shop for family or friends, so put them at ease by making it clear what the product is, and how it is used.

Tell your story

If your company has a great story, use it. Consumers want to know who they are buying from, and why/how the company came to be. It adds a personable touch to a brand that consumers can pass on to people when they talk about the product.



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