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Leveraging Amazon's AI for Smarter Advertising: A How-To Guide

Artificial intelligence is quickly being injected into the mainstream, and Amazon is certainly a player in that. They introduced a new AI tool to assist brands looking to further improve their advertising efforts. This new AI function enables advertisers to create engaging ad campaigns through custom image generation. By offering this to advertisers, they’re hoping for both ad click-through rates and conversions to increase.

Although this tool sounds great in theory, it still leaves us with questions such as “How does it work,” and “How do we use it?” Luckily we have the answer to both these questions and will break down this exciting new advertising feature.

Amazon’s AI feature asks advertisers for the white box image of a product they would like to promote. Once provided, Amazon’s AI asks what features should surround the product. After those details are submitted, Amazon’s AI will take some time to produce a few images that match those details. The advertiser will then be presented with a few options to choose from. Assuming one of the rendered images works, an advertiser could then use that asset in a new ad.

Let’s assume you're a brand that sells coffee mugs and wants to advertise them but doesn’t have any lifestyle images. You’d start by opening your Advertising Dashboard, and clicking “Create Campaign.” From there you’d select either a Sponsored Brand or Display campaign since those use creative elements.

After you’ve built out your targeting, you’d then proceed to the “Creative” portion of the campaign. You’ll then select “Custom Images” and click “Choose an AI-generated image.” This is where you’ll use the AI tool.

You would then select one of your coffee mug SKUs / ASINs and give it to Amazon’s AI. After, you’ll give details of what should surround the mug. Let’s say you say “The coffee mug should be in a modern-style kitchen on a white granite countertop with the light shining in.” You’d then submit those details and let the AI render some images. That’s when you’ll be given a few assets to choose from so you can create your ad. Luckily, if you don’t like any of the image suggestions, you can always change the details so the AI can create new renderings that match your vision.

Once that process is complete, you can launch your mug ad campaign!

It should be known this AI tool is still in beta and may produce “imperfect” images initially. But in our opinion, this tool can be a powerful asset for advertisers and brands on Amazon. It not only gives users the chance to create custom lifestyle images for campaigns, but it allows brands to save time, while potentially increasing conversions.

Interested in learning more about Amazon’s AI and how it can enhance your Amazon business? Reach out to Ridgeline Insights today and we’ll be happy to review everything Amazon for you.



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